Never Waste a Carb

It's important to have a balance of protein, fat, and carbs. But the type of carb you choose is critical. Carbs can be beneficial or empty/bad. To determine whether a carb is beneficial, study the fiber to sugar ratio. Natural carbs that have sugar, always have fiber. Processed carbs have lots of added sugar, and little or no fiber.

Examples of good carbs:

Examples of bad carbs: The problem with processing is not that a machine or process is somehow evil, but that typical processing involves removing fiber and adding sugar. This certainly makes food "taste" better and score better with the focus groups employed by major food brands, but it upsets the proper balance that God designed. Healthy carbs have a benefit and will help you to feel full. Bad carbs will encourage you to overeat right away, and later after the crash.

Tips for transforming your eating:

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