What does it mean to live an agile life?

Here are some thoughts to explore this concept.


Making exercise a priority each day, to invest in remaining healthy long term, so that you have the ability to fulfill your purpose. Eating healthy.


Learning, being open to growth, setting your mind on things above, not on earthly things. Reducing outside voices: media, social media, music that doesn't glorify God.


Keeping your schedule free of encumbrances. Leaving flexibility in your schedule for people and your community. Observing a day of rest. To me a day of rest doesn't mean that I do nothing, but that I don't plan a lot in advance and I don't fill it with tasks or stressful projects.


Leaving beneath your means, so that you are not consumed and preoccupied by the balancing of income and expenses. Having the ability to use finances for the kingdom, and to help people who are in need.


Being quick to forgive. Being unoffendable. Seeking humility to reduce the surface area of "offense". Getting help and healing for the past and the present.


Seeking first the kingdom of God. Obedience over comfort.

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